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Most cars come equipped with keyless entry systems. The keyless entry system increases the safety of a vehicle. It also reduces the likelihood of theft. There are many different types of keyless entry systems that use different types of battery power. There are many brands of keyless door lock batteries and systems as well.

Keyless door lock batteries can be made for a number of specific manufacturers. Some common brands include EveryReady, Panic Door, Room Safe, and Intellis to name a few. It is important to locate which brand of keyless door lock device you have when ordering replacement batteries.

There are a variety of types of door lock batteries. Alkaline is a very common type used in most batteries. Another type is NiCD or NiMH. Both are metal based batteries that are more powerful and efficient than alkaline batteries. An even more powerful type of battery that is relatively new to door lock batteries is Lithium Ion. Li-Ion batteries are said to last ten times longer than alkaline and nickel based batteries. Most new models of keyless door lock systems are now being equipped with Li-Ion batteries.

Keyless door lock batteries are generally not very expensive. Expect to pay at most $20. In some cases the entire unit may need to be replaced due to electrical problems or failure. While some keyless door lock remotes are relatively inexpensive, others can cost over $100. Price of the remote is something to consider when purchasing a keyless door lock system.

Keyless door lock systems are a great advantage for any vehicle owner. If the system is connected with extra features such as battery shut off it can give insurance breaks. With battery shut off, the car will not start unless unlocked by the keyless door lock remote.
Another great feature to purchase with keyless door lock systems is remote start. This can start the engine without putting the keys in the ignition. On a cold day, a car can be warmed up without every going outdoors.

The keyless door lock system provides automobile owners with a variety of advantages. To maintain the system it is important to purchase the right type of door lock batteries, and also purchase quality batteries. Doing so will ensure the keyless door lock system will remain functional for its lifetime.


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